Ejuice comes up trumps against tobacco


This short informational article on electronic cigarette smoking is also an encouraging motivation to all smokers out there who continue to struggle in vain to either give up smoking or reduce their habit to minimal and less harmful levels. The biggest encouragement that can be given to die-hard smokers at this time is this. It’s also a nice lead-in to an easy compare and contrast exercise that can be done at the smoker’s leisure.

The big news is this. It is undoubted and there’s no argument about it, nor are there any ifs or butts, quite literally, as the case may be. Ejuice comes up trumps against tobacco. No amount of health lobbying or anti-smoking campaigning can persuade a soon to be customary executive order to discourage or restrict long-suffering smokers to at least give electronic cigarette smoking a try. Apart from the fact that it’s good for business, there can be no argument that the regular or occasional smoking of the e-cigarette does less damage to the smoker’s health and lungs.

The esthetic processes and aesthetic joys of indulging in an e-smoke every once in a while can be compared to the peaceful smoking of the proverbial peace pipe. It is a far side better than suffering excruciating withdrawal symptoms and howling at the moon like a mad dog. The practice of e-smoking is legal and it is never illicit. In fact, those folks who have already taken up the habit are comfortably sitting in their favorite coffee shops, checking out what’s trending or checking up on the news from the high towers, not bothering anyone with their minimal smoke emissions.

Far less nicotine than is the case with tobacco is consumed. As a matter of choice, nicotine free e-cigs can be enjoyed too.